Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Body Shop's Honey and Oat 3in1 Scrub Mask

Yumm, sounds like healthy breakfast time , but not to eat!!!! just to apply, lolz.
Yesterday I was wandering through the Body Shop until my dh found this tub. I was so excited to read the ingredients as Honey and Oat, both play important role not only health wise but also for the skin. I have normal skin hence it suited me very well. I  applied today and  now am feeling like my skin is getting soft and smooth.The plus point of this product is that you can apply it even when you are busy or just gotta go out, first you  only have to wash and dry your face, then 10 MINUTES is all the time required to apply it and gently rinse your face. Tadaaa... a healthy and fresh skin....:) (instructions mentioned on the product).
Price??? not at all expensive. I bought it for SR:49

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