Sunday, February 24, 2013

Qphat Hijabist- Review

I was just browsing through facebook pages until I found this page and loved the simple cheeky looks of hijab which show more glow to your face. The hijabs depict girls personality accordingly and playful attitudes. The"Qphat Hijabist" business is run by two sisters and they can deliver worldwide.
If you girls out there really want to show your personality with playful hijabs, Qphat Hijabist will be the best  to order online from.
This is what these sisters describe their hijabs as:
Our hijab had variety style. You can wear it from casual to formal event, but most important we look and portray it as edgy. within this way, we believe our muslimah feel more fashionable, freedom and love them self.
please click on pic to enlarge...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Body Shop's Honey and Oat 3in1 Scrub Mask

Yumm, sounds like healthy breakfast time , but not to eat!!!! just to apply, lolz.
Yesterday I was wandering through the Body Shop until my dh found this tub. I was so excited to read the ingredients as Honey and Oat, both play important role not only health wise but also for the skin. I have normal skin hence it suited me very well. I  applied today and  now am feeling like my skin is getting soft and smooth.The plus point of this product is that you can apply it even when you are busy or just gotta go out, first you  only have to wash and dry your face, then 10 MINUTES is all the time required to apply it and gently rinse your face. Tadaaa... a healthy and fresh skin....:) (instructions mentioned on the product).
Price??? not at all expensive. I bought it for SR:49

Monday, May 7, 2012

Daily Shop's Fashion Round Dots Girls Dress

A very comfortable, and soft material dress by daily shop is good choice for your girls. In this hot weather this dress can be worn either at home or to any event. My idea is to make your girl wear a pajama (maybe .black one) and a scarf around your neck or head and make her look casually pretty.Here is the closer look at the dress, right now I don't have a girl so planning to gift it to some student of mine :)

(from Daily Shop website)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Noor D*Izar's Naia Print

I was also lucky to win this beautiful hijab from Noor D*Izar, its specialty is that it is a non-pin hijab, which I loved the most about it being not a fan of putting pins here and there to pin my hijab. I  actually gave this hijab to my mother as I thought she loves blue color and this could be a great present for her birthday, she loved it a lot too. I guarantee you that you are gonna love it, and would be suitable even for sparkling occasions. 

aww, just feel the coziness :)


gathered together to show you the overall print...

Pic from the official site...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

L'occitane's Pivoine Flora makeup

I am one of the fans of facebook contests and this is why love to take part and win things. Last year on 7th of July Loccitane had a contest in which we members had to decorate ballerina on thier site with provided makeup tools. I can't believe it when I won. There were more than 60 participants and I was the only lucky winner (yay!!!). Well I went to their store at Jeddah Mall and got the cool stuff worth 500 saudi riyals. Believe me, the lipstick is so sweetly  scented and gives soft and light touch to my lips, it is so sleek. I also got an eyeshadow and a blush on powder  which are enclosed in beautiful magnetic boxes and I don't have heart to throw those even when my make up ends. I Just love applying these three products which give me soft natural final look. GO L'OCCITANE GO...<3

My Winning Design

My Gift (samples and eye brush)

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